Whether you are attending your first opera or your 100th, we want you to enjoy your experience! Here are the answers to a few of the questions we regularly receive about our performances:

What time should I arrive? The doors to the theatre open approximately 30 minutes before the performance; if you already have your tickets in-hand, we would suggest arriving 30 minutes before to find your seat and get comfortable. If you do not have your tickets before arriving at the theatre, we would suggest arriving at least 45 minutes early – box office lines can be long and you don’t want to miss a moment of the performance!

Being on time to a performance and in your seat prior to the start of the overture is a courtesy to other audience members. Ticketholders who arrive after the production starts may not be seated until a break or intermission.

What should I wear? There is no dress code at Opera Fairbanks – wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. We do ask that all audience members be fully garbed, including shirt and shoes. Please do avoid heavy jewelry and accessories that may clank or make other noises and detract from the performance.

How will I know what is going on in the show if it is not sung in English? Please take a moment before the show to read the plot synopsis contained in the program. Additionally, most of our productions are sung in their original language (Italian, French, German, etc.) and if that language is not English, an English translation will be projected above or to the side of the stage (supertitles).

May I eat during the performance? Please, PLEASE refrain from bringing food into the theatre, as it may disturb the other patrons or interfere with the total experience. The majority of our productions have an intermission where you may obtain a snack and beverage for consumption before returning to your seat.

When should I applaud? There are no hard-and-fast rules, but generally speaking, applause occurs:

  • When the conductor enters the pit to begin the overture,
  • After a difficult or masterfully-sung aria, and
  • At the end of an act or the end of the opera.

Opera Etiquette

There are certain expected behaviors for opera attendees:

  • Cell phones, beepers, alarm watches and similar technology must be turned off before the overture begins (“vibrate” does not equate to being turned off).
  • Silence during the performance, including the overture.
  • Unwrap all candies or cough drops before the performance starts.
  • Personal photos and videos are not allowed during the performance.
  • Please consider leaving perfumes and cologne on the shelf at home due to allergies of other patrons.
  • Children should be quiet and attentive to the program. If your little one is fussy or talkative, please take them to the lobby.
  • Please wait until intermission to look for items in your purse, backpack, or shopping bag.
  • Be in your seat before the conductor enters to begin the overture.